Our Technology

Across the globe, developments in information, communication and network technologies have created paradigm shifts in the securities market operations. Technology has enabled organisations to build new sources of competitive advantage, bring about innovations in products and services, and to provide for new business opportunities. Stock exchanges all over the world have realised the potential of IT and have moved over to electronic trading systems, which are cheaper, have wider reach and provide a better mechanism for trade and post trade execution.

NSE believes that technology will continue to provide the necessary impetus for the organisation to retain its competitive edge and ensure timeliness and satisfaction in customer service. In recognition of the fact that technology will continue to redefine the shape of the securities industry, NSE stresses on innovation and sustained investment in technology to remain ahead of competition. NSE's IT set-up is the largest by any company in India. It uses satellite communication technology to energise participation from around 200 cities spread all over the country. In the recent past, capacity enhancement measures were taken up in regard to the trading systems so as to effectively meet the requirements of increased users and associated trading loads. With upgradation of trading hardware, NSE today can handle up to 15 million trades per day in Capital Market segment. In order to capitalise on in-house expertise in technology, NSE set up a separate company, NSE Infotech Services Ltd. which provides a platform for taking up all IT related assignments of NSE.

NEAT is a state-of-the-art client server based application. At the server end, all trading information is stored in an in-memory database to achieve minimum response time and maximum system availability for users. The trading server software runs on OpenVOS based fault tolerant STRATUS main frame computer hosted on the Intel Platform while the client software runs on Microsoft Windows Platform. Between the NEAT client and server there is another layer called the Trading Access Point (TAP). TAP facilitates IT Infrastructure consolidation and routes the orders and trades between Client and Server in an optimized protocol.

Each trading member trades on the NSE with other members through a PC located in the trading member's office. The trading members on the various market segments such as CM, F&O, WDM, Currency Derivatives, SLBM, MF and IPO are linked to the central computer at the NSE through dedicated leased lines and VSAT terminals. The telecommunications network is the backbone of the automated trading system has been upgraded to use the more popular and modern IP Protocol which was using X.25 protocol earlier. NSE is one of the largest interactive VSAT based stock exchanges in the world. Today it supports more than 2500 VSATs and 3000 leased lines across the country. The NSE- network is the largest private wide area network in the country and the first extended C- Band VSAT network in the world. Currently more than 10000 users are trading on the real time-online NSE application.

The Exchange uses powerful UNIX servers, procured from HP for the back office processing. The latest software platforms like ORACLE RDBMS, SQL/ORACLE FORMS Front - Ends, etc. have been used for the Exchange applications. The Exchange currently manages its data centre operations, system and database administration, design and development of in-house systems and design and implementation of telecommunication solutions. There are over 500 server class computer systems which include non-stop fault-tolerant Stratus servers and high end UNIX servers, operational under one roof to support the NSE applications. This coupled with the nationwide VSAT network makes NSE the country's largest Information Technology user.

In an ongoing effort to improve NSE's infrastructure, a corporate network has been implemented, connecting all the offices at Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and Chennai. This corporate network enables speedy inter-office communications and data and voice connectivity between offices.
NSE has its online presence at www.nseindia.com. The website displays its live stock quotes which are updated online and corporate announcements. The website has been designed to cater to the needs of Investors, Members, Issuers and other market participants.

NSE today allows members to provide internet trading facility to their clients through the use of NOW (NSE on web), a shared web infrastructure.