Company TCI Finance Limited
Industry Finance

Broadcast Date/Time 09-Oct-2019 20:33
Subject Shareholders meeting
Announcement This is in connection with the voting results and scrutinizers report submitted by the Company on August 16, 2019 to the Exchanges in connection with businesses (Item No 1 to 6) transacted in the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Company held on August 14, 2019.We have been informed that certain votes were erroneously and inadvertently omitted in calculation of total voting results of Item No 6 (Approval of Related Party Transactions) of the notice of AGM. Accordingly, after including the said votes, it is hereby declared/confirmed that resolution in Item No. 6 of the AGM (i.e., Approval of Related Party Transactions) has not been passed/not approved by the shareholders as the requisite majority votes required for passing the resolution as ordinary resolution were not received.We are herewith submitting the following revised disclosures:1. Consolidated Voting Results (Remote e-voting and poll) in the format prescribed under Regulation 44 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 attached as Annexure 12. Consolidated Report of the scrutinizer
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