• The naming convention of the Position File is F_PS04_<Member code>_DDMMYYYY.CSV.gz for the trading member.
  • The report is available in the directory /FAOFTP/F<MEMBER CODE>/REPORTS.
  • The file structure for a CM is the same as for a TM.
  • The file is in a zip file format structure.
  • The file is named as F_PS04_Member Code (Primary Member code of CM) _<DDMMYYYY>.CSV.gz
  • A clearing member who is clearing for a custodial participant shall get the same information as a trading member gets for his client.
  • A CM who trades and also clears for others will get two files, one as a TM containing the details of his own clients and one as a CM containing the details of all his TMs, on whose behalf he is clearing/ settling.
  • No CM file is generated for a member who is a SCM. For such a member, only one file (TM file) is generated.
  • The file for a CM shall NOT be at client level.
  • A CM gets the details for each TM for whom he is clearing but not individual clients of the TM. Thus for a CM, the client account / code field is zero. The file contains the summation at account type level. Thus, for a CM there will be only two records for a contract one at the proprietary level and the other at client level.
  • The member code in the case of a CM is the primary member code of the CM.

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