Error codes and their meanings

Error Code Error Message
3 O/S Command failed
4 C process error, see C users guide
5 Oracle Error - See Error Manual
6 Oracle Error occured in %s(%d)
8 Logon denied, check Username/Password
10 Could not disconnect after %s
14 Could not %s successfully
16 Invalid number of arguments
17 Usage : %s <usr/pwd> <file name>
19 Usage : %s <usr/pwd>
20 Environment variable [%s] not found
21 Invalid file name [%s]
22 Could not form the log file name
23 Could not open file [%s]
24 Could not write to file [%s]
25 No data in file [%s]
28 Process terminated due to error"
30 Data for Batch (Date [%s], No [%d]) already loaded
32 Could not %s [%s]
34 Could not read file [%s]
36 Could not save messages to logfile
37 Previous Batch (Date [%s], No [%d]) not yet successfully loaded
38 Usage : %s <usr/pwd> <user> <role> <opt> <old role>
41 System Status not Open, cannot proceed
42 Error while running report [%s]
43 Cannot move to ERROR directory
44 Cannot move to SUCCESS directory
45 Cannot open directory or not enough memory"
46 Usage : %s <usr/pwd> <set type> <set no>
47 Usage : %s <usr/pwd> <DD-MON-YY>
102 Day Begin in progress
113 Begin Day has already been performed
114 System Status not valid for processing, cannot proceed
115 System is closed
116 System is suspended
117 Error in system status check
202 End Day has already been performed
203 Another Day End in progress
212 Data files pending load, cannot do Day End
213 Error while getting file details
301 First record should be Control Record
302 Detail Record should be of type %s
303 No Detail Records found in file [%s]
311 Invalid Number
312 Invalid batch number
313 Invalid value for %s"
314 %s not valid
315 Batch Number mismatch
316 Total number of records mismatch
317 Total value mismatch
318 Total price mismatch
319 Total premium mismatch
320 Total amount mismatch
321 Prefix mismatch
322 Batch Date mismatch
323 Total Volume mismatch
351 Cannot be more than one Central Bank defined
352 Central Bank must be a Broker
353 Central Bank must be non-taxable
361 Setup Date not less than Maturity Date
362 Issue Date not less than Maturity Date
363 Coupon Start Date not equal to Issue Date
364 Coupon End Date greater than Maturity Date
365 Coupon Start Date not less than Coupon End Date
366 Maturity Date should be greater than Todays Date
367 Coupon End Date less than Todays Date
368 Insufficient Coupon Information, all or none should be null
369 No Maturity Date allowed for Call Segment
370 No Coupon Information allowed for Issue
371 Coupon Start Date greater than Todays Date
401 Problem in updating old Obligations
402 Deliveries already generated for Set <%s> : <%s>
500 Deliveries are being generated
501 Pay-in/Pay-out is over
502 Provisional CUT is not over
503 Final CUT is not over
504 Provisional Obligation is over. Final Obligation Date has not arrived.
505 Re-computation of Provisional Obligations
506 Re-computation of Final Obligations
507 No Trade Records Present
508 Duplicate Buy Custodian Record Present
509 Duplicate Sell Custodian Record Present
600 Could not write to the report
701 Invalid Date Format in Filename
702 Date specified in the Filename is a Future Date
703 Invalid Trading Member Code in Filename
704 Empty File
705 No detail records to Process
706 Invalid Control Record Format
707 First record should be a control record with record type as <%s>
708 Invalid File Type in Control Record
709 Invalid CustodianType in Control Record
710 Invalid Member Type in Control Record
711 Mismatch in Member code in File name and Control Record
712 Mismatch in Custodian code in File name and Control Record
713 Mismatch in Batch Number in File name and Control Record"
714 Mismatch in Batch Date in File name and Control Record
715 Mismatch in Number of Detail records read from the file and
Number of Detail records mentioned in control record
716 Previous Batch not Loaded successfully
717 Current Batch is already loaded
718 Invalid Detail Record type
719 Invalid Buy/Sell Flag in Detail record
720 Mismatch in Buy/Sell Flag in File and database record
721 Mismatch in Security Symbol /Series in File and database record
722 Mismatch in Special CP code in File and database record
723 Mismatch in Trading Member code in File and database record
724 Invalid Custodial Participant Code
725 Custodial Participant is not active
726 Mismatch in CP code in File and database record
727 Obligation Qty should be a whole number
728 Obligation Qty & value should both be zero for re-allocation
729 Re-allocation is not allowed as Custodian has already confirmed as 'Y'.
730 Obligation Qty & Value should not be less than zero
731 Allocated Obligation Qty /Value Exceeds the Special CP Obligation in Database
732 Allocated Qty /Value should be non zero
733 For full allocation, Both Quantity & Value should be Fully allocated
734 Mismatch in Obligation Qty /Value in File and Database record
735 Mismatch in Contract Number in File and Database record
736 Record Doesnot exist in database
737 Invalid Contract Number
738 Invalid Confirmation flag
739 Final Confirmations for the Settlement already done
740 File is rejected as all the detail records are rejected
741 Invalid Detail Record Format
742 Custodial Participant Margin Indicator is not equal to <%c>
743 <%s> length is greater than specified length.
744 Invalid Length Of Filename
745 Invalid File Type in Filename
746 Date Specified in filename is not application date
747 Invalid Borrow/Lend Flag in detail record
748 Final Obligations have been computed for first leg settlement
749 Final Obligations not computed for the ALBM settlement
750 File already sent by this member
751 :Member does not have a matching obligation
752 Quantity or amount cannot be equal to zero
753 Quantity or amount cannot be less than zero
754 Quantity should be whole number
755 Multiple Records sent for this security
756 Invalid Date Format in Control Record
757 Invalid Security in Detail Record
758 Security Lending Price not available for the Security"
759 Invalid Settlement Type and Number in Detail Record"
760 Invalid Child Series specified in Detail Record
761 Both the Trade Number and Order Number cannot be NULL
762 Length of <%s> is invalid.
763 Final Cut over for ALBM Settlements.
764 Invalid Preference Quantity
765 Invalid CNS Security
766 Adjust Obligations is not over for the Settlement
767 Alocation of Obligations is over for the Settlement
768 Allocation of Electronic Security is over for the Settlement
769 No processing is done for the Settlement
770 CNS security exists in No Delivery Period
771 Invalid Flag set for CNS Flow
772 Invalid Client allocated Quantity in Detail Record
773 Invalid Depository Id Detail Record
774 Mismatch in the Total Quantity in Control Record and sum of the Quantities in Detail Record
775 Security Pay Out is completed for this Settlement
776 Mismatch in Delivery Type in File name and Control Record
777 Mismatch in Settlement Number in File name and Control Record
778 Mismatch in Settlement Type in File name and Control Record
779 Mismatch in Member code in File name and Control Record"
780 Invalid Settlement Type and Settlement Number in File name"
781 Invalid Member Code in File name
782 Invalid Delivery Type in File name
783 Invalid Isin code
784 Deliveries not yet generated
785 Final Obligation is not calculated
786 Invalid Client account number ( try to do from pro to cli)
787 Meber code does not belong to given member type
788 Obligations Not found for this isin code
789 Trade is Proprietory Trade
801 Please check the Order Number
802 Please check the Client Name
803 Custodian is allready allocated for this Order No
804 Order is already confirmed
805 CP to OTR not allowed for Settlement type W
806 OTR to OTR not allowed
807 Client to OTR not allowed for Settlement type W
808 Passes time for the Previous Date record
854 File naming connvention not correct,should be trd date
856 Member Code not active in NCIS *
857 File uploaded thoughr NCIS & is success
901 invalid record_type
902 invalid modify type
903 invalid detail record
904 invalid buy sell flag
905 invalid conf flag
906 conf flag validation error
907 Multiple Custodians for order number
908 error in obligation date
909 error in updation
910 invalid signature
911 invalid file generation place
912 invalid filesize
913 error in reading file
914 no records for custodian
915 oracle error
916 custodian is disabled
917 not valid custodian
918 final obligation is done
919 records modified after handshake

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