Equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are simple investment products that combine the flexibility of stock investment and the simplicity of equity mutual funds. ETFs trade on the cash market of the National Stock Exchange, like any other company stock, and can be bought and sold continuously at market prices.

Equity ETFs are passive investment instruments that are based on indices and invest in securities in same proportion as the underlying index. Because of its index mirroring property, there is a complete transparency on the holdings of an ETF. Further due to its unique structure and creation mechanism, the ETFs have much lower expense ratios as compared to mutual funds.

List of Equity ETFs listed on NSE
Issuer Name Name Symbol Underlying Launch Date
Edelweiss AMC Edelweiss Exchange Traded Scheme - Nifty NIFTYEES Nifty 50 Index 08-May-2015
Goldman Sachs Asset Management GS Nifty BeES NIFTYBEES Nifty 50 Index 28-Dec-2001
ICICI Prudential AMC ICICI Prudential Nifty ETF INIFTY Nifty 50 Index 20-Mar-2013
Kotak AMC Kotak Nifty ETF KOTAKNIFTY Nifty 50 Index 02-Feb-2010
Motilal Oswal AMC MOSt Shares M50 M50 Nifty 50 Index 28-Jul-2010
Quantum AMC Quantum Index Fund - Growth QNIFTY Nifty 50 Index 10-Jul-2008
Reliance AMC R*Shares Nifty ETF RELNIFTY Nifty 50 Index 22-Nov-2013
Religare AMC Religare Invesco Nifty ETF RELGRNIFTY Nifty 50 Index 13-Jun-2011
SBI AMC SBI ETF Nifty SETFNIFTY Nifty 50 Index 23-Jul-2015
UTI AMC UTI Nifty ETF UTINIFTETF Nifty 50 Index 03-Sep-2015
Birla Sun Life AMC Birla Sun Life Nifty ETF BSLNIFTY Nifty 50  Index 21-Jul-2011
ICICI Prudential AMC ICICI Prudential CNX 100 ETF ICNX100 Nifty 100 20-Aug-2013
Reliance AMC R*Shares CNX 100 ETF RELCNX100 Nifty 100 22-Mar-2013
Goldman Sachs Asset Management GS Bank BeES BANKBEES Nifty Bank 27-May-2004
Kotak AMC Kotak Banking ETF KOTAKBKETF Nifty Bank 04-Dec-2014
Reliance AMC R*Shares Banking ETF RELBANK Nifty Bank 24-Jun-2008
SBI AMC SBI ETF Banking SETFBANK Nifty Bank 20-Mar-2015
Goldman Sachs Asset Management CPSE ETF CPSEETF Nifty CPSE Index 28-Mar-2014
Reliance AMC R*Shares Dividend Opportunities ETF RELDIVOPP Nifty Dividend Opportunities 50 15-Apr-2014
Reliance AMC R*Shares Consumption ETF RELCONS Nifty India Consumption 10-Apr-2014
Goldman Sachs Asset Management GS Infra BeES INFRABEES Nifty Infrastructure 29-Sep-2010
Motilal Oswal AMC MOSt Shares M100 M100 Nifty Midcap 100 31-Jan-2011
Goldman Sachs Asset Management GS Junior BeES JUNIORBEES Nifty Next 50 21-Feb-2003
SBI AMC SBI ETF Nifty Junior SETFNIFJR Nifty Next 50 20-Mar-2015
Goldman Sachs Asset Management GS PSU Bank BeES PSUBNKBEES Nifty PSU BANK 25-Oct-2007
Kotak AMC Kotak PSU Bank ETF KOTAKPSUBK Nifty PSU BANK 08-Nov-2007
Goldman Sachs Asset Management GS Shariah BeES SHARIABEES Nifty50 Shariah Index 18-Mar-2009
Reliance AMC R*Shares NV20 ETF RELNV20 Nifty50 Value 20 Index 18-Jun-2015
ICICI Prudential AMC ICICI SENSEX Prudential Exchange Traded Fund ISENSEX S&P BSE Sensex 10-Jan-2003
UTI AMC UTI Sensex ETF UTISENSETF S&P BSE Sensex 03-Sep-2015